Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

What a fun filled month on December! Ava Finally decided to get her ears pierced again. Once we got there and the lady was trying to mark her ears with a pen she started freaking out and saying "no!" but she finally warmed up to it and did it! We had to tell her they were putting sticker earrings on and it worked. The things we do! She forgave us quickly so no worries.

I was slacking on getting Christmas cards made and the day I wanted to get the pics taken the girls and Braydon all pitched a fit so I said "FORGET IT!" The next day my friend Brooke Ulrich gave me a Christmas card that was taken in her front yard with her adorable huge ornaments. I absolutely loved it! I was explaining to her my situation and she offered to take a few snapshots for us and help me do the card! SWEET! I totally took her up on the offer and went home and laid down the law and told everyone we are getting pictures taken and you put on what I tell you and your gonna like it and I dont' want to hear one word out of anyone! They listened this time and everything went smoothly. Brooke being the amazing woman she is had us come down not even an hour after getting home from Vegas, she offered to watch her friends children so they were all there on top of her own kids and as she was taking our pic. another person showes up to look at some fabric! I would have lost it but she does so well with her busy life! THANKS BROOKE FOR MAKING TIME FOR US!! :) So The Christmas card that was sent out and the picture of our family at the top was all done and decorated by her! I owe her!

Brooklyn and Ava both had dance recitals. Brooklyn just takes hip-hop and Ava does it all. They love it. It has really helped Brooklyn break out of her fear of performing in front of people.

Brooklyn turned 6 this month!! It is so hard to believe that six years ago I was in the hospital holding her in my arms! man I love that girl! I swear since she turned six she has decided she wants to act like she is twelve. I am constantly having to tell her she is not the Mom. And the funny thing is that Ava goes with it most the time. They are so dang cute long as they aren't fighting!


Lindsey said...

Geez I forgot you even had a blog... Nice you're back in the game. Cute cute pictures! So I take it the girls really like Gabby's jeep and Santa got the message... ;) Fun!
Cute dance costumes, makes me look forward to those days.

Sarah Miller said...

The pics look great! It looks like you guys had a great Christmas!

Amber said...

Hey girl! It's been awhile. Anyway- I'm so glad that you are blogging so much and if you are still boing private, please invite me :)
What an amazingly beautiful family photo!! I absolutely love it! So I never got around to getting your address to send you our Christmas card- would you like to email it to me please? Anyway, you look amazing and the girls are as cute as ever! Take care- amber