Monday, April 25, 2011

Yeah, I know. It's been awhile...

So my Mother informs me every once in a while that I still haven't updated my blog since June of last year. I figure since I now found my camera charger I can start blogging again. See the camera and blogging go hand in hand in my book.

So, since last June we have moved out of the home we were renting, moved in downstairs of Braydons parents house, built a house while there, and now have officially moved into our home as of the end of January. What a whirlwind since we decided to general the house ourselves...or I should say I generaled the house.(Ok so Brayd did help out some but I had to always be the bad guy). I am loving my house more and more everyday. TJMaxx has been pretty much the only store I have been buying things from to decorate my house. We really have no home decor stores here. I was so excited to drive up to IKEA this weekend just to get a change of scenery/ideas. I wish we had an IKEA here but that will NEVER happen :(. We are getting our landscaping started this week! I am super excited! Once the front yard goes in I will post some pics.

Moving on, Brooklyn is really enjoying volleyball right now. That and hip hop dance is all she wants to do. She said maybe gymnastics too. But my Ava wants to try everything! She Wants to do gymnastics, soccer, tee-ball, etc. You name it she wants to try it. Everything except learning how to ride a bike. Ugh. We can't go on family bike rides because she refuses to learn how. I don't get it. Maybe on day I suppose. Brooklyn is doing great in school. We are not so sure how she got so smart but I love that she loves to learn. Ava loves to learn too but on her own time.

For our family cruise this year we went to the southern Caribbean. Last year we took the girls and it was fun but not worth the money. They were so tired all the time and Avas skin is so sensitive that she would break out in a rash from the sunscreen we used and she hated being sandy all day... on and on. SO we had my Mom fly out and be with them for the week. I know it was a "family cruise" but sometimes you just have to leave the kiddies behind. We promised them that we will take them next year. So we flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico and left from there. First stop: St. Thomas(well we actually ferry over to St. Johns)

We love going to Trunk Bay. It is absolutely beautiful.

Second stop: Barbados!

We did a catamaran excursion with Cool Runnings here a few years ago and loved it so much we did it again! We went snorkeling at a shipwreck, then swam with sea turtles and stingrays, then headed to a beach for the rest of the day. I loved, loved, loved this excursion. The employees are always so friendly. They serve you drinks, lunch, and snacks the whole time and even dance with ya! It;s so laid back every where we went.

Third stop: St. Lucia

Here we did the Treetop Canopy Adventure zipline. You go on 12 different ziplines through the St. Lucian jungle. It was absolutely amazing. Such a rush! We promised Brooklyn we would take her to do it next time. She was pretty upset she did'nt get to go. When we were finished there we decided to go finish the day out on a beach.

Fourth stop: St. Kitts

Not my favorite island but seeing all the monkeys in the wild there was great! I have always had a love for little monkeys. Growing up I said I would always have one as a pet when I got older. Braydon, Brad, Brooks, and Greg decided to scour the island till they found the only boogie board for sale on the island. $15...not a bad deal! Well they were basically warned to not go to that particular beach because the tide is so strong. Needless to say that just made them more excited to go. They had a blast! And we were all greatful we left St. Kitts with our whole party.

Fifth stop: St. Maartin(Anguilla)

We have never been to St. Maartin before but me being a watcher of "The Bachelor" watched Brad jump from a cliff in Anguilla and just thought that beach they were at was SWEET!So Brayd decided to do some homework and found out that there is a ferry that goes from St. Maartin over to Anguilla. Jackpot! We were able to find the exact cove he was at. It wasnt the easiest to get down to but it was SO worth it. Pictures just dont do this place (or any place we went) any justice. It is truely breathtaking. It was worth the trip over there. We cliff jumped and just played on the beach all day.

Back to Puerto Rico where we first docked. We were able to stay the night there which was really fun. We got to walk around and visit shops and historical sights.

This was probably the best cruise yet! Lots of fun stuff everyday. Whoever want to come with us next year you are welcome to come along!!!!