Friday, April 10, 2009


Because I live such a fulfilling life(which I do- I am a Mother)! It feels like life is still pretty consistent with the past few months. Not much has changed. Brooklyn will be graduating from pre-school next month! She is getting too big and too smart for her own good! Ava goes on Fridays to school with her and looks forward to it each week. I am trying to decide if I want to put her in pre-school for the next two years or not. Maybe I will just do some work with her at home this coming year... not sure though. I am also trying to decide if I want to start school this summer or waite till next summer when she will be starting pre-school in the fall.

We took a trip to Sea World two weeks ago and the girls loved it! Me... not so much. I am more of a Disneyland girl but there were some interesting things to see and do. The girls loved it and thats all that matters!

I will be posting pictures shortly...

I also have been cooking/baking lately. I have gone through alot of my recipes and my magazines(Southern Living has the best ones) looking for recipes to try or ones that I haven't made in awhile. I made my Red Velvet cake which was a hit! And I made some Cream Cheese Banana Nut Bread. One of the loaves was topped with a peanut butter struessel that was sooo tasty! Next on my list is Pecan Joy Balls(don't worry Nichole and Kristy, I am going to rename them something else)! Then I have the recipe for Bojangle's biscuits and Hardee's biscuits I am going to try. I hope its really the recipe they use! I will let ya know how all of those turn out!