Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Seriously... I am addicted to cookie dough! I will get out the sugars, flour, vanilla, salt, etc. and make the flippin' cookie dough! After I eat it I feel absolutely terrible. This happens typically twice a week. For the past two months it has been better, but this past week I have done it three times and I just bought cookie dough- it was buy four packs for ten dollars. How can I say no to that when I am in the middle of a binge? Somebody help me please!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My new shirt!

Cute shirt huh? Well, when I was up in Idaho a few weeks ago Mandee(my cousin-in-law)had on the cutest shirt and I thought it looked so good on her! She said she got it at Buckle. Well, I was just at our local Buckle in St. George not too long ago and I sure did not see it so while in Idaho I looked at the Buckle there and no sign of the shirt there. When I got back to St. George I looked again. It wasnt at our Buckle. When I went to California I looked there- you guessed it...they didnt have it either so I decided to look online, on ebay, and no sign of the flippin' shirt anywhere! I had an obseesion with this shirt- I couldnt forget about it. Well, the other day I get a package from Savanah(Mandees sister) and behold...IT WAS THE SHIRT!!! Savanah found the shirt in the mall somewhere up north and she and Mandee went in together and got it for me! How freakin sweet are they! Could anyone ask for better cousin-in-laws? I think not. THANKS LADIES!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Girlies!

I just wanted to post some pictures of my beautiful girls!


Here are the pictures from or trip!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More to that is....

Well, it has been awhile sence I blogged last. I will post some pics. in the next few days. Since July Brooklyn has started preschool, dance, and gymnastics. Ava is doing gymnastics and now she says she is ready to do dance again since she can be in the same class as Brooklyn. I am excited for them to be together!

We just took a weekend trip to California for Labor Day. We decided Friday morning that we were headin' out at 3:00pm! So I had a busy day of getting everything ready! We got there Friday night and got a good nights' rest then got up and drove to the beach for a few hours on Saturday. The water on the west coast in so much colder than the east coast. Braydon tried to tackle a few waves- the waves won everytime.... He was definently feeling the beating Sunday morning! So Sunday we got the car ready and headed for Disneyland! After parking we were making sure we had everything and I double checked the camcorder and it was broken!!! I was soooo mad! Needless to say I just took lots of snapshots. The girls and I had so much fun! They got to meet their favorite princess- Jasmine and Snow White! Poor Ava was struggling by the end of the day to make it through without falling asleep. Brooklyn started complaining about her legs hurting her. After 8 hours there we were all done! For dinner I was wanting Chick-fil-a so bad! It is one of my favorite places to eat. So we pull up to the drive-through and it is freakin' closed! I forgot that they are always closed on Sunday! I made sure we went there for breakfast the next morning, though! After breakfast we headed home!