Thursday, April 1, 2010


For spring break we decided to go on a cruise! 18 people total. We figured the girls are now old enough to bring...wrong. The first day they said they were ready to go home. They didnt really care for the fact that we could'nt go right back to our room to wash sand off and they hated us putting sunscreen on them every hour-especially Ava. She had a reaction to the sunscreen we brought and she had little bumps all over her little body. By the end of the trip they said they had fun and want to go again with us next year. Hmmm, maybe when they are teenagers we will give it another try.

Great weather thankfully and beautiful beaches! Not my favorite one we have been on but still had a great time! We are planning another one next year during spring break so if ANYONE wants to plan on coming along you are more than welcome to! The more the merrier!