Monday, November 23, 2009

Halloween Spooktacular!

I love love love halloween! We went to our wards trunk-or-treat on thursday, then our friends had a Halloween party on Friday, then "real" Halloween on Saturday! Loved it! oh, and so did the girls! :)

California Love....(Tu-Pac/Dr.Dre fans are totally singing the song now)

So we took a trip to California in October and went to Sea World again since it was free. We spent a day at Coronado Beach(which I think is the best beach there). We went to the BYU game. We also decided to stay an extra day and go to Monday Night Football!! Broncos vs. Chargers. I was glad we were able to see them be 6-0...especially since it has been down hill ever since...but i won't go there. Braydons parents took the girls home with them so we were able to go! I am so thankful for them and all they do for us!!!

Here is THE update...

so here is the plan... starting in January I am going to become an amazing blogger. I am going to keep up on everything and try to keep a great record so I can use it as a journal type thing or whatever I hear that people are doing with it these days... Anyway, I will also be going private. So you have until Jan 1st to email me with your e-mail address if you want to be added. I am mostly doing this for my family back east so they can know whats going on in my crazy life but my friends are more than welcome to take a look as well! :)