Friday, August 1, 2008

4th of July

First off, does anyone know how I can get some more fonts to choose from? Anyway, July 4th went pretty well. We all went to the park where fun stuff was suppose to be going on...needless to say we lasted there for about twenty minutes then decided we should just go buy our own fireworks and have our own celebration! The girls loved having there own personal firework show. By the time it got dark we went up to Foremaster Ridge- along with half of St. George, and watched the city fireworks. Ava was more worried and freaking out about the stink bug that kept crawling our way. oh, the poor thing burned her finger on a sparkler earlier so we gave her a cup of ice water to stick her finger in and she carried it around with her the rest of night. She even fell asleep with her finger in it! And that is how we spent our holiday!