Monday, December 22, 2008


I figured it would be best if I separate things by each month that they happened in since I haven't updated these past few months. I am officially done with Christmas shopping! Actually I have been done. I have made my Christmas goodies that I make every year, all I have left to make now is my homemade red velvet cake. Yum! Yum!

Jenny has taken more pictures for me last week! The girls were completely out of control, they would NOT listen to me, barely listening to Jenny! I felt so sorry for her! The Christmas picture posted up top is one she took. She has a few posted on her blog but I will post more soon!

We just got back from up north. Braydons cousin Brooke got married and we got caught in the snow storm driving up but thankfully we got there safely. Late, but safe! She was absolutely beautiful! Everything was beautiful and well put together!

Brooklyns birthday is tomorrow so she gets to pick how the day is going to go. The plan is to eat lunch at Pizza Factory then come back and have a Hannah Montana birthday party! I will let you know how it goes.


November... The girls and I went back to N.C. to visit for 9 days. Braydon flew out a few days after us. We just hung out with family and ate some good food! I went to the pro-basketball game in Charlotte that weekend. I actually ran into a guy I went to high school with who I havent seen since 10th grade as we were leaving the game! I cant believe I recognized him, and he recognized me! He went from being a good student and athlete to being a drug dealer on the streets of Charlotte. It's amazing how life can change!

In October...

In October me, Lindsey, Kaci, and Emily went to see Chelsea Handler, the comedian in Las Vegas and stayed the night at the Palms. (Thanks Shaun & Lindsey!)We went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory (one of my favorite places to eat there) and of course It was hard for us to find a parking spot but Lindsey knows a "secret place" to park where you walk in right by the restaurant! She deserved that parking spot anyway... she was pregnant! After the show we ate again and then waited on the palm reader to get back so Kaci can get her palm read. She was taking forever so poor Lindsey called it a night and went upstairs. We waited down there for like 45 more minutes and finally she went in to get it read. It seriously took like 10 minutes, if that, to get her palm read and it was all so vague! I guess that is the kinda stuff you do for fun 'round there if your not a partier! I wanted to do it after her but after I saw what she did I figured I would just save my money! We then went back up to our room, ordered 3 different desserts from room service, had girl talk then crashed! Anyways, Chelsea was a riot, a little too vulgar at times but overall we all had fun!

The 23rd was my 25th birthday! What the heck?! I do not want to be 25......geez


In September....

So back in September (I cant believe I havent blogged since then!) Ava had her 3rd birthday on the 13th. We had her party at Jumpin' Jacks! Everyone had a blast! My friend Britney has a daughter Kamryn whose birthday was about the same time as Ava's so we decided to have the party together. Everything went perfectly! Later in the month I had a friend Jenny Wilson who loves taking pictures and wants the experience asked me if she can take pictures of my girls! Of course I said yes! She only charges $75.00 and she gives you the CD with all the pictures on it and another CD of some of the pictures she has edited for you! If you want her number let me know! She does a fantastic job! She also has a blog.

Monday, December 15, 2008


For all of you that actually check out my blog I will be updating it within the next few says. I just have to use Braydons laptop because I dont know how to download pics onto this laptop that I am using right now. I know the suspense is going to kill but just try and hold on a few more days!