Monday, December 22, 2008


I figured it would be best if I separate things by each month that they happened in since I haven't updated these past few months. I am officially done with Christmas shopping! Actually I have been done. I have made my Christmas goodies that I make every year, all I have left to make now is my homemade red velvet cake. Yum! Yum!

Jenny has taken more pictures for me last week! The girls were completely out of control, they would NOT listen to me, barely listening to Jenny! I felt so sorry for her! The Christmas picture posted up top is one she took. She has a few posted on her blog but I will post more soon!

We just got back from up north. Braydons cousin Brooke got married and we got caught in the snow storm driving up but thankfully we got there safely. Late, but safe! She was absolutely beautiful! Everything was beautiful and well put together!

Brooklyns birthday is tomorrow so she gets to pick how the day is going to go. The plan is to eat lunch at Pizza Factory then come back and have a Hannah Montana birthday party! I will let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

looks like you have had a fun fun fun fall/winter! i hope you guys have a very merry christmas!

Lindsey said...

wahoo! Updates in the life and times of Lauren.

Lets do dinner soon. The 4 of us again? Wanna?
I need a few hours away from kids

Lindsey said...

PS, for refrence of how to actually spell my name, check your "friend" list on the sidebar :)

Brad and Kaci said...

It's about time you posted! Hope you guys had a great christmas!

Brad and Kaci said...

And I am with Lindsey about dinner! Lets go!